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Food Hub Consulting stands as the first leading food delivery marketing consultancy, specializing in the restaurant revenue growth through delivery platforms.

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Increasing business revenue for +50 local and international restaurants

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online orders through delivery platforms

We craft strategies that are not just innovative, but also grounded in data-driven insights. We consider business dynamics, seasonality and untapped business opportunities, that translates into tangible results.

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in revenue through delivery marketing

Our streamlined approach not only boosts earnings bust also has a direct impact on business growth and scalability. Rather than delivering additional sales, we operate in building a sustained new business streamline.

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fully operational business delivery departments

We seamlessly integrate a fully operational food delivery system into your business model, strategically building your online store, selecting the right products, establishing pricing policies, and developing effective selling strategies.

About us

At Food Hub Consulting, our mission is simple: to actively enhance the HoReCa niche by fostering continuous growth through delivery marketing. Our services, encompassing expert advice, in-depth analysis, targeted marketing, and personalized customer engagement, are tailored to address the distinct needs and challenges of our valued clients.

Our core values of commitment, client-centered solutions, and expertise are the cornerstones of our proven track record in delivering tangible results.

Ready to boost your sales?

How it works?

1. Platform Onboarding

We connect restaurants to delivery platforms, manage commission negotiations and creating opportunities for restaurants to thrive in the delivery landscape. 

2. Research & Menu Optimization

We make a selection of suitable products for delivery niche and handle the menu and visual optimization that maximize (up)selling, enhancing customer experience to unlock a restaurant’s full potential.

4. Granular Reporting

Our comprehensive automated reporting includes weekly and monthly results analysis, recommendations based on customer feedback, keeping your business informed and dynamic.

3. Analysis & Strategy

We conduct in depth analysis and offer tailored weekly planning to keep your brand competitive, efficient, and adaptable in the ever-changing food delivery market.

Why work with us?

New business line revenue
Our expertise lies in creating fresh revenue stream for restaurants by developing business line, thereby helping them expand their income sources and thrive in the competitive market.
Unlock new audiences
Tap into previously untapped markets. This not only extends restaurants’ customer base beyond physical visits but also boosts revenue through online orders, creating a lucrative avenue for growth.
Real-time strategy adjustment & support
We offer ongoing support and adapt the restaurants’ delivery marketing strategy in real-time. This means we’re always there to help to make quick, effective adjustments to stay on top in the industry.

Maximize Revenue through Delivery Marketing Solutions

We are highly professional in boosting revenue from delivery platforms for restaurants. If you have any process-related questions, we’ve compiled some common inquiries we’ve addressed.

Delivery marketing is an approach that promotes products or services through delivery platforms. Certainly, our expertise and experience have shown that our strategy and system are highly scalable for both restaurant chains and individual restaurants, generating a new stream of revenue from delivery platforms. Furthermore, it can be applied on a local or international scale, as we are already collaborating with a restaurant chain in Dubai.

We take into account your restaurant’s niche, seasonality (if applicable), or any other factors that should influence the delivery strategy. Then, we handle the entire process, from negotiating terms with the delivery platforms to implementing a strategy that suits your brand.

If the changes are minor, they can be made in real-time. Otherwise, the changes will be visible within a maximum of 24 hours.

Despite the specific and customizable nature of restaurant niches, which can vary based on factors such as region, niche, seasonality, location, etc., we recommend allocating a marketing budget equivalent to 10% of the total monthly sales.

The timeframe for observing results varies from one client to another, depending on the restaurant’s specifics and other factors. These results can become visible as early as the first month or over the course of a few months.

On average, the implementation process typically takes around one week. This includes setting up the necessary systems and strategies to get your restaurant ready for delivery services.

Our marketing strategies are typically designed on a monthly basis, with campaign changes occurring on a weekly basis. This allows us to stay agile and adapt to evolving market conditions and customer preferences.

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